About Me


From Baltimore to Waco and Porto Alegre to Dubai, I’ve produced videos all over the world. I specialize in producing digital content that captures the spirit of humanity and the things that connect us all, no matter who we are or where we’re from.

Traveling has given me the opportunity to produce content in a multitude of languages (Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese) and experience traveling overseas with a production team and equipment. It’s not easy navigating customs in today’s climate.

With over ten years of experience I’ve produced million dollar commercials for Comcast, working along side industry leading directors and cinematographers. And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve produced heart-warming patient documentaries for Johns Hopkins Medicine International with a two-person team.

If you have a story or a message that needs to be out there, no matter what your budget is, we can find a solution together.

Available equipment includes but is not limited to: DJI Phantom Drone, Canon 5D’s, Sony NEX-FS700 (4K & Super Slo-mo), glass prime lenses, wireless audio package, and LED lighting package.